"I am just as deaf as I am blind.  The problems of deafness are deeper and more complex, if not more important, than those of blindness.  Deafness is a worse misfortune.  For it means the loss of the most vital stimulus - the sound of the voice that brings language, sets thoughts astir, and keeps us in the intellectual company of man."  Helen Keller

de l’Epee Deaf Center from the Beginning

In 2003, the Deaf Community and the Catholic Diocese of Biloxi celebrated the twenty-fifth anniversary of de l’Epee Deaf Center, Inc. Begun in Jackson by the Catholic Diocese of Natchez-Jackson, in August, 1972, the ministry was transferred to the newly-established Diocese of Biloxi in June of 1977.

Our founder

de l'Epee Deaf Center

Mrs. Joyce Castor

Inducted 2016

Joyce and her husband Tullus, helped establish and administer the Elks Scholarship program, and devoted many hours of service to the DDC.  She was known as the "Mac n Cheese" lady, and donated countless cases of it to our food pantry.

Sr. Delores Coleman

Inducted 2015

Our first living inductee, Sr. Delores, was our founder and continued to support the Center throughout her retirement.  Her vision and passion to serve the Deaf community continues to inspire us today.

Lena Mae Oustalet
Inducted 2014
After her husband's death, Lena Mae continued to support the Deaf Center each year through the Oustalet Foundation. Having a Deaf child allowed the Oustalets insight into the valuable service we provide.

Charles E. Carver
Inducted 2008
Our first Deaf inductee was the "go-to" person in the Deaf community.  Always willing to help and never said no.  A strong advocate for Deaf rights in the hearing community.

Bubba Oustalet, Jr.
Inducted 2009
The Center's largest contributor over the years, the Oustalet family are a major reason we have the facilities we enjoy today.

who we serve

Our ministries are Christian faith-based, but inter-denominational. Everyone is invited and welcomed to participate at any time.

Tullus R. Castor
Inducted 2007
Our first inductee was a longtime board member who promotes the Deaf Center and garnered support from many other organizations including the Elks and Elks Auxiliary.


Each year, an Executive Committee reviews and recommends those individuals who have played an important role in the growth and development of our programs and center.  They are nominated by the committee, and voted on by the Advisory Board:



By contributions from Catholic Sharing Appea and caring individuals like you and your business.  Our volunteers are PRICELESS!

our leadership team

A ministry of the Diocese of Biloxi, Mississippi.  Providing spiritual well-being, promoting independence and inclusion in our community for the Deaf, Hard of Hearing and Disabled.

Mary Francis Stafford
Inducted 2011
Our first female inductee, Francis was a long time board member and charter member of Quota - the Center's strongest service club supporter.

who can come

Our ministries are Christian faith-based, but inter-denominational. Everyone is invited and welcomed to participate at any time.

Charley Hewes, President

The Very Reverend Bo Roberts, Vice President

Bishop Louis F. Kihneman III
Vicki Miller, Secretary

Board of Directors

Doug Bradvord

Ronnie Cochran

Ben DiLorenzo

Darlene Duffano

Dean Ebberman

Dick Henderson

Doris Mahalak

Helen Margiotta

Bill McCollister

Susan McCormick

Dennis Oliver

Jamie Olson

Darlene Rojas

Manuel Rojas

Kathleen Talley

Augusta Toomer

Joseph Vincent

Rayanne Weiss